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Shadowgrounds: Beast

Posted: Mon May 23, 2011 5:03 am
by feillyne
Shadowgrounds: Beast is s tiny mod for the indie game Shadowgrounds. To be sincere, have done it rather on impulse in a few hours, especially after seeing that mods for SG are very scarce (or simply there aren't any if it is the case), while modding support is quite outstanding.

So what's new here?

A couple of game mechanic tweaks, such as clip sizes extended for pistol, rifle and shotgun and minimal accuracy of the said weapons decreased. Upgrades menu was a bit re-organised, too. Also the GUI was a bit remastered.

Just a small mod, nothing important.

The ModDB profile:

The latest download: ... st-release

Re: Shadowgrounds: Beast

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:16 pm
by fb_joel
Cool stuff. I like what you did with the spider and the first Wrencher. Subtle yet effective, gives them a nice sci-fi vibe. I think you may have gone overboard with the bigger Wrencher and the Brute though. :) At least they're hard to miss!

(I had some anomalies/crash on the Mines level but I think this was due to me using the skip level command when a respawn cutscene was playing.)

Helped me find a collision bug too in the second level of the game, no idea why we didn't pick up on this originally (well it requires destroying a part, I guess that's the reason).

There have been some mods for SG, but they were rather small or never got off the ground. The best was probably the Alien Breed mod by Dex, it's still probably here somewhere (in the SG forum). Somewhat similar to this, modified plenty of textures etc. :)