Might be pretty early for this but anyways

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Might be pretty early for this but anyways

Postby ObsidianMimic » Fri Nov 03, 2006 5:21 pm


Well, I was playing with my brother, then I came up with a few ideas, which I thought would be cool :wink:

Sure I know it's quite early for this kind of stuff (at least by looking at the forums and "mod discussions"), and someone else might already have thought of the idea, but I still found it pretty cool. And yeah well I am not a modder, but if anyone wants to use the idea, you're welcome. I'd be happy to see a mod like this someday. 8)

As I was playing, I encountered the snake-ghost-phantom-whatever monsters, and thought that the game would be cool to play against ZOMBIES. Ugly, nasty, crazy and scary zombies.
Sure that IS an old idea, but think about it, zombies swarming from every doorway, thinking only about your brains inside your head and how tasty they might be... And if you have ever heard or tried Killing Floor mod, you know the feeling. And (at least) for me that would be the first kill-em-all zombieshooting game from a quite different camera angle. That would be one of the things that make it pretty cool.
The game would be especially fun when played in cooperative with friends (maybe :D ).
The zombies wouldn't be really tough and wouldn't take a lot of bullets to kill, but there would be a lot of them against few or only one player(s). Player health could have been taken down a little, just so that it wouldn't be too easy for the players to actually somehow "win" the stage. The stages would be like "zombies come in waves, kill them all :roll: . No meanings to advertise here, but if you have played Killing Floor mod, you know what I am talking about. There could be more than one type of zombies, tougher, faster, bigger, smaller, whatever.


And then another one: Just a simple, arena kind of a mod, if someone likes just slaughtering aliens for fun. The map would be a big square-like or a round one, with the aliens coming in from the sides... With the same wavelike survival battle as the zombie-mod-thing above.
First you start off with a pistol, you kill the little spider monsters, and after that you might get a weapon drop. Supply crates might drop too. After that, more aliens, harder and bigger groups. You know, that kind of thing. Survival as aliens try to rip through your heart.

Oh man, this might be worthless post, so if you feel like it, just delete it. I know some modder group there is already very excited about getting to mod Shadowgrounds.. Or let's say CREATE ZOMBIEGROUNDS? :twisted:
But it would be pretty cool, eh?
Okay well thanks for your time, and sorry if this is just spam in the corner of forums, but I felt like taking this to the public. Yeah what am I explaining, have a nice day y'all. :lol:

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Postby fb_joel » Fri Nov 03, 2006 7:41 pm

Indeed, someone's suggested this before. I really hope a modder or a team would do something like this. And Zombiegrounds is an awesome name! :)
// Joel, Frozenbyte team

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