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All discussion about Shadowgrounds Survivor, spin-off/sequel to Shadowgrounds that was released in late 2007.
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Postby Abominator » Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:09 am

Honestly, I thought Survivor was too easy. The culprit is the damage scaling, on the harder difficulty modes in Shadowgrounds enemies did 15-20 points of damage a hit, while in Survivor I'm hard pressed to find foes who do 5.

It's very noticeable. Should be easily fixable in a patch though.

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Postby matches81 » Fri Jan 11, 2008 5:03 am

Hello there!
First post here, so... well.. hello :)

I just finished SG Survivor and wanted to share my opinion here, too.
First of all: I also bought both Shadowgrounds through Steam with that nice holiday deal. Looking at it now the games would have been worth their normal prices, too.
I am really pleased with both games, but I'll stick with Survivor now.

Overall I was really impressed by the looks of this game. SG1 did look good, but this one is really beautiful.
Gameplay-wise I loved almost every change that was made. I can carry medkits with me? Great. Three different characters with different weapon sets and a small RPG touch to them? Awesome. Physics? Always fun. Well, you get my drift.
The only change I didn't like was the removal of the dodge roll. I almost never used that charge ability, dodge was far more useful.
Some things that could be changed:
- As another guy here suggested it would be better if medkits would be stored by default instead of being used if my health isn't full. There were plenty medkits lying around, that's no problem, but it always feels like a waste when that guy uses a medkit for 4HP or something like that.
- I missed the bosses, too.
- I sometimes had trouble hitting explosive barrels, especially when they had fallen down
- I only started really using grenades when I got the secondary fire for the marine rifle / pulse rifle (btw: the rifle is called marine rifle, the ammo is called pulse rifle ammo like in SG1?), simply because I couldn't really get the hang of the handling of grenades. Perhaps in free camera mode the mouse cursor could determine how far I throw the grenade?

I guess that's about all I can come up with right now. Overall it has been a very impressive game, I loved the atmosphere and was surprised that a game that somewhat takes me back to my childhood (Alien Breed for the Amiga came to mind when I first played SG1) was still able to convey a sense of creepiness. I played on normal, and although it could have been a bit harder here and there I think it was fine overall for normal skill. I really liked those short intermissions at the beginning of every level. The voice-overs were surpisingly well done and gave the characters some... well... character. I especially liked the guy drinking napalm (Lastmann?). A guy who does that has to be completely wack. And I like that :)

If you're planning a third Shadowgrounds, I'd love to see more "peripheral" information back in the game. Reading the computer screens in SG1 was fun and added to the atmosphere. Also, some puzzles would be great. One scene in Survivor was kind of a bummer but could have been a nice example of a "puzzle" or more like using the environment: I don't remember the map's name, but you were playing as the sniper in one of those lab-like environments. There was a narrow corridor with some laser barriers. Behind those barriers were a few shielded brutes. The laser barriers were disabled using a terminal and I was grinning from ear to ear, because I thought I could lure the brutes into the corridor and turn the lasers back on. Too bad that wasn't possible, I actually felt somewhat disappointed.
Also, for those "standard" aliens (the one's charging you all the time, I think I'll just call them chargers) it would be great to have two or three slightly different textures. The other aliens do well without those, because there aren't that many of them at once normally, but since those chargers often appear in bigger numbers, I think that a bit of variation would help. But that's a really really minor thing.

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Postby Raptor » Fri Jan 11, 2008 5:46 pm

Fresh meat on the forums, so hello everyone :P
As a new, big fan of Shadowgrounds I would like to share my opinion about it. (btw. Sorry for any gramma mistakes, I hope you'll understood what I have on mind... English is just not my motherlanguage, and I'm still learning it.)

1. Storyline.
In Shadowgrounds story was quite interesting, at least on the beginning of the game. Later it begins to loose its temper. Dialogs level is lowering, whole climax begins to collapse... So I was wery nicely suprised when I started to play Survivor. Story was simple (in the good way) and reliable. Action game should be concerned on action...
2. Characters.
Another + for SGS. All 3 have its own personalities and are enjoyable. But it could be better. I think, that they should have some battle texts, something like oneliners from action movies (counting for sniper was cool), that they could say in fight or after they special moves. Stats and improvments was really good idea.
3. Levels
They are really nice (they could be bigger...), but why there is only 22 of them? (should be at least 44 :P). The game are way too short... Also there could be more puzzle games or logic mini-games... And some really fast action level like escape with car or transporter when we are chased by aliens, and shoot them with some cannon or minigun :P Survivor levels in SP game are good idea, but like someone else pointed, there could be more authentic (these shields-walls suddenly appering from nowhere).
4. Enemies
No new enemies, no bosses. Me wants cry ;(
Also they seems to be little weaker :P Or the weapons are too powerfull?:P After a while I think, that problem with balance lies in number of enemies. There should be more of them. If you make them thougher or make weapons weaker the surivor mode will be true hell.
AI sometimes suck, enemies are stuck behind walls etc.
5. Weapons
There should be one more for every character. Something new, something cool :P

Some other things:
Code seems improved, SGS is faster than SG. Big + for that!
More interaction. Also big +!!
Flashlight, it should be like in SG. Dark corridor, enemies nearby and you suddenly loose light...
More realism. Sniper with shining straps on her uniform? Pistol with unlimited ammo?(it could be some energy pistol, that have to bee charged every 8-12 shots, instead of changing clips from nowhere).

In my opinion SG is good game (6+/10), SGS is even better (8/10) I have a lot of fun playing them and i would be happy to see another game of this series :D

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