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My experience about shadowsgroundsurvivor

Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:50 pm
by kenshironeo
Having finished shadowgrounds, i rushed on this one.

I appreciated the fact that any difficulty level is available right from the start(very hard and impossible mode).It would be cool itf it was also possible for the first shadows ground.

The three characters are interesting but the man who drinks vodka has to go in close combat, which makes him less interesting than the marine or the sniper girl, who both have powerful weapons and special abilities really powerful.

Levels are much shorter, unlike the first game where they were sometimes too long.But here i found them sometimes too short(hard to be satisfied i guess)

Upgrades are more numerous and more interesting.
About special machines, like the guntlet or the mechanic, i found them nice but somehow to weak, i mean even a little monster can damage them a lot.
Of course i guessed it was because i played in impossible, but the mechanic seemed to me a bit weak about fire power and resistance.

I experienced heavy difficulties in well using grenades, maybe because its harder to evaluate distances with the kind of view the game offers.

The ending let me a bit hungry, i was expecting a more epic ending, and something about what the aliens really want,as in the previous game.

If one day an other shadowground comes some ideas of the two games should be mixed.

Re: My experience about shadowsgroundsurvivor

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:44 pm
by fb_joel
Thanks. Good feedback. :) And I agree about the ending, we wanted to do something more epic but there just wasn't enough time/resources, it was a rather "tight" project... We tried to do quite a few things and maybe didn't have enough polish in some of them. But I'm glad you enjoyed the game to some degree in any case. :)

Re: My experience about shadowsgroundsurvivor

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:58 pm
by kjell
Loved the game, except the ending too. I can't finish it, and I tend to give up as the fight is wayyy too long.

Else, rock on..great game.