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Italian translation and other

Postby Olimr85 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 8:32 pm

Hi all,
I stay translate the game in italian. I am at... 50% of translation, without test.
I have a questions:
1) I can continue the translation? I have your authorization? It's an AMATORIAL translation (for fun... I don't have a just word).

if yes == I continue
else == stop

return = 0


2) I have a problem with some parts:


on Mission 11 objectives

gui_mission11_objective_let_in = Let J. Arwyn and Dr. Weiss in
gui_mission11_objective_let_in2 = Let J. Arwyn and Dr. Weiss in

on Mission 13 objectives

gui_mission13_objective_go_further = Go further

Mmmh... can you write it for extensive?

on Mission 14 objectives
gui_mission14_objective_get_to_cryo = Get back to the cryo chamber
Cryogen? (it. criògena, criogènica)

3) Where is the file for editor translation?

-------------------------------Other questions & suggetions-----------------------------------------------

1) Railgun. Please no. Change it name ç__ç
Why? Because... because the first railgun is of Quake, and an other railgun can seem a copy... yes, it is a stupid common place, but more fan of Quake (and not only they) can think like this.

2) I have bought SG with Steam, but sometimes my internet connection crash. There is a way for play the game without Steam?

3) I liked the game. The story, graphics, sound, gameplay (before, I never play old-school, but this is a "manna dal cielo". fantastic!).


But. There is a but; the plot. The final conversation is much rapid, the personage not have a questions.
And if the alien have lain?
FOR ME, the end is underline respect the rest of story.


... I don't have more questions.

There isn't more add.
The game has been understimate. It merit more.

have no fear of my english, the translation is more simple respect a english speak (not this spek ).

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Postby fb_joel » Thu Jul 05, 2007 12:02 pm

Heh, cool. You can go ahead with the unofficial Italian translation, we're fine with it. Just make sure it says "UNOFFICIAL" somewhere in the readme files etc...


- gui_mission11_objective_let_in & in2, these are used in the Provectus mission where the player needs to go open a terminal, so that Arwyn and Weiss can enter the Provectus (then they will go to the elevator and to the top level).

- gui_mission13_objective_go_further, it just means the player needs to walk a longer distance, and just get to the end of the main hallway (or something like that, I'm not 100% sure where this was used - I agree it's a bit stupid. :) )

- gui_mission14_objective_get_to_cryo, yes, cryogen/cryogenic. It means the "freezed" Ancient pod chamber in the middle of the mission, where the last cutscene happens.

- The Editor can't be translated, unfortunately. (It's "hard-coded".)

Thanks for the comments.

Regarding Steam offline, check: ... am_offline
// Joel, Frozenbyte team

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