Mandatory Trine-Worship thread

For discussion about Trine, firstly released in 2009 for Windows and on PlayStation Network.
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Mandatory Trine-Worship thread

Postby purple_pixie » Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:08 pm

So ... why can't I find the "I love this game" thread?

I just played through the demo for the 20th time, and it's awesome.

Graphics look great (maybe the 1920x1200 res helped ... it didn't look quite so epic on my flaky old PC, but that's irrelevant), and there is clearly a lot of effort put into the immersive art.

The narrator and his awesome voice / quirky humour are perfect, and turn it from a pretty good platformer-physcis run around and slash-em-up into something with real character.

I like character. TF2 and Portal are probably my 2 other favorite games for one clear reason - they have more character than you can fit into a small village, much like Trine does.
Like Trine, you really get the feeling that the developers actually enjoyed making the game, and every one of them put something of themselves into it. This is essential f you want to avoid the common pitfall of "Guess what game we just gave slightly improved graphcis and re-re-released again?"

The characters are great, and play off each other extremely well, I look forward to seeing how this develops in the full game.

The physics is very well done, and any game with a grappling hook is instant thumbs-up in my book. Likewise spellcasters. Particularly ones who still haven't mastered fireballs - I like that.

All told, I'm hugely impressed with this title, and am really looking forward to its release - one pre-purchase I don't see myself regretting.

And that's while I still can't get multiplayer to work (controller issues I hope to be ironed out, but frankly would live without), so a definite well done to all involved.

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Re: Mandatory Trine-Worship thread

Postby SirDrago » Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:10 pm

Finally! Yeah Trine is great. I played the demo like 8 times. I love it and i am looking forward playing the full version and finding all secrets!

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Re: Mandatory Trine-Worship thread

Postby Mr. ShadowStealer » Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:38 am

I think I have played the demo through 3-4 times. First time I had this bug finding side of me on so I consentrated more to the "physical side of the game" than the mental side of it. I checked all the places and tried all kinds of things and so on. On the second time I played it like any other game and I saw a lot more good in it. The third time I played just because I felt like retrying things one more time a different way.

And I'm not sure did I play it the fourth time but if I did, I enjoyed it that time too.

I usually get fed up with games or anything extremely quickly because I have this magical skill to dig up the core of a game within... not almost in minutes but within hours. And then I realized that this game X is basically game Y where you just repeat this thing instead of that thing and you have to do it all the time the same way. AND I HATE THAT! :x

I'm even trying to come up with unique and original game concept ideas where is loads and loads of customizability options, unpredictable things and multiple ways of doing things. So far I have come up with 6 different game concept of whic like... only 2 are remotelly similar to some other game ideas, not to meantion they have unpredictable gameplay. ;)

Same applies to Trine, even those first two levels are unpredictable in a way because you can do things in multiple different ways.

I value that possibility very high. That allows an unique game experince almost everytime because there are so many combinations you can come up with and when there are even more players there will be even more unique combinations for each place.

Customizationality, unpredictability, multiple ways of doing things, uniqueness and originality are the very key elements which I value very high on any game if it has even one of those. Trine has 3 of those. ^^ Or maybe even 4. :mrgreen:
Not all of you have äää's and ööö's :P

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Re: Mandatory Trine-Worship thread

Postby stuey » Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:25 am

Why I love the game huh?

-It looks gorgeous.
-The music is amazing.
-The 3 characters each contribute something unique to the play experience.
-The 3 characters each have their own unique and funny personalities (much like TF2).
-The witty narrative is amazing.
-The game design in general lends itself to some very good opportunities for replayability (I won't consider it complete myself until I find ways to finish it with Wizard only and Thief only {and Knight if it's possible})
-I haven't actually tried the co-op yet, but knowing that it's doable with 3 sets of mouse/keyboard means I know for a fact I'll enjoy it with my friends.

This game could have been even better if:
It had online co-op.

Seriously, that's my one and only complaint about it. I almost feel kinda bad about saying it, because I'm sure it's like rubbing salt into an open wound by now, but that really is the only downer for me. FB should be proud of producing a game of this quality, and I hope you guys are rewarded by it selling well.

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Re: Mandatory Trine-Worship thread

Postby ZedPower » Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:13 pm

Trine is amazing. I've played through the demo like six times now. The game's not even out yet and I already feel like I have my money's worth. :lol:

It just looks incredible. Everywhere you look there's something interesting to see. The levels feel organic and alive, without an ounce of repetition, and the graphics convey this beautiful sense of warmth in a way that I've never seen in a game before. Every time I move from one area to the next I have to stop and look around. It's breathtaking from beginning to end. And the performance is wonderful too. I didn't know my computer was capable of making games look this good.

And the music! Man, the music! Mr. Pulkkinen is becoming one of my favorite vg music composers ever. I can't wait to hear the rest of the game. I bought the Shadowgrounds soundtrack, and I'm pretty sure I'll buy the Trine soundtrack when it comes out.

Two days is almost too long to wait. Heheh.

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Re: Mandatory Trine-Worship thread

Postby NovaNoah » Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:53 pm

I have to say, I have played this game over 30 times. (Yes, 30.)
It is Beautiful, Fun, and Very Responsive controls.

I just only wish that people could stand on the knights shield when he points it upwards.
And maybe make it so the Physics objects will hurt friendly people too.

Never play this game alone. Play it with 1 or 2 friends. Its about 3 times funner.

The Co-op gameplay is outstanding, I love it.

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Re: Mandatory Trine-Worship thread

Postby grimwold » Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:00 pm

I must admit I love everything about this game, apart from just one thing. You make over 2d games look bad(apart from shadow complex).lol

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Re: Mandatory Trine-Worship thread

Postby NovaNoah » Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:35 am

Trine is 3D actually.

Think of it like a pinball machine. Everything inside reacts normally but their are constraints, like the glass in front, and the wall at the back.

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