Crash when playing multiplayer (Linux)

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Crash when playing multiplayer (Linux)

Postby mitscherdinger » Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:31 am


I'm enjoying Trine 1 with my wife. Cool to see that local cooperative playing is not dead!!! :)
We're playing on Debian GNU/linux, AMD-CPU and -GPU. I'm using Keyboard and mouse (both Logitech via Bluetooth), my wife is playing with a Bluetooth Gamepad (Snakebyte idroid:con).

Just two nasty things:

When one of us gets dead, the other player shouldn't switch to another character - or else the game crashes! I don't have to tell you that there are certain situations where you need a special character... Sometimes one of us just automatically switches - and bang! We did several chapters again and again from the beginning... Well, it sucks, you know? :)

The other thing also appears, when one of us dies. If the player that hasn't died gets into the inventory-menu, he can't get out of it again. I have to kill Trine with htop or the killall-command...

Hope, you can fix that. Or - as a workaround - is there a possibility to get out of both situations with the developer-console?

Thanks for the great game!

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