[GUIDE] Install Trine 2 on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/etc.

Technical support for the Linux and Mac platforms for all Trine games.
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[GUIDE] Install Trine 2 on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/etc.

Postby vv221 » Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:08 pm

Hello fellow Debianites, Ubunteros and Mint fanatics!

Here you’ll find scripts allowing you to build .deb packages from the GOG installer or the Humble Bundle archive of Trine 2 Complete Story. These packages can then be installed via DPKG and uninstalled via your usual package manager.
These scripts have been tested on Debian, but should work on any derivative including Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

You will find download links and usage instructions on the following page:
Trine 2 Complete Story [./play.it]

I hope you’ll enjoy the comfort provided by these scripts as much as I enjoy writing and tweaking them ;)

Every feedback is welcome here, positive and negative alike.
Bug reports are especially appreciated.

And now… let’s game!

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