Escape From the Castle! Are you ready for more challenge?

Shadwen is a stealth game, where sneaking is not optional. It was released in May 2016 for Windows, Linux, Mac and PlayStation 4.
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Escape From the Castle! Are you ready for more challenge?

Postby MarjutFB » Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:54 am


To celebrate our 15th anniversary our games are on sale and a new, free update has been added to Shadwen on Steam and to the DRM-free builds on GOG and Humble Store. It's available to all platforms on PC: Windows, Linux and Mac. The game is also available on other stores.

The update, called Escape from the Castle, adds 14 levels which are reverse and remade versions of the ones in the original campaign – the objective now is to escape from the King's Castle! To make things more interesting we have also added more guards and hidden treasure maps around the new levels. Can you find them all? ;)

The update also includes numerous bug fixes and some tweaks to the game's AI.

We also made the below video to showcase our journey from our first game, Shadowgrounds to Shadwen. You can see it below. And don't forget the hypevan. :D

Thank you all for supporting us for so long!

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