Feedback on the save system

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Feedback on the save system

Postby FrozenBug » Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:34 pm

e-z0r wrote:The savegame thing isn't just about difficulty. Not a lot of folks like to sit in front of their computer for long stretches of time, or if they do, they might not like to spend that long time playing the same game.

At least for me it hasn't been the difficulty level that's made me restart missions. More that either there's something that I have to go and do elsewhere so I can't play the missions through, or that I get bored and want to do something else for a while. And alt-tabbing isn't a viable option if you want to use your RAM for something else than having Shadowgrounds in the background.

At the moment I don't even feel like opening Shadowgrounds at all for an indefinate amount of time because I know that if I plan to progress in the game at all I'll have to play far beyond bored to get to the next level and the next save. :(

Sorry to bring this old thread up, but I've bought the game through the Frozen Bundle.

So I just want to say that e-zor is spot on. A game should never dictate how you spend your time. The result for me here is that I won't play through the game because I had to quit in the middle of a level and now I simply can't bring myself to play the same part again (I'm on the alien ship). It's just a bad design decision.

I just hope that the 2nd game has a quick-save option, 'cause that's what I'll be installing now, after de-installing the first one.

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Re: Just some remarks for a possible patch (?)

Postby fb_joel » Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:11 pm

I wonder if it's too easy to search old threads here... :) I'm going to split this thread.

This subject has been repeated in many hreads, and unfortunately the savegame system is what it is due to limitations in the game engine. This has been true for all of our games so far - Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor and Trine. I'm very sorry about this, it just isn't/wasn't an easy thing to fix. (We've finally fixed this by spending a year on rewriting the game engine for Trine 2, but that doesn't help the older games unfortunately.)

Shadowgrounds Survivor should be much more tolerable because we realized this problem and made the levels shorter. SGS is perhaps the same length as the original, but has twice the amount of levels - so hopefully this helps a bit. (In Trine we again ended up with levels that are a bit too long - not as long as the ones in Shadowgrounds but long enough to warrant many complaints about the issue.)
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